831 species

Acropora nana

(Studer, 1878)


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are compact clumps of long, non-tapering, straight, equidistant branchlets radiating from a solid base. Axial corallites are tubular with rounded margins. Radial corallites are long, tubular and appressed. The whole colony is delicate and branchlets readily break apart.

Colour: Cream, blue or purple, usually with purple branch tips.

Similar Species: Acropora valida can be very similar when in wave washed habitats where it is distinguished by having thicker branchlets and chunkier radial corallites. See also A. azurea which has thicker branches and larger corallites.

Habitat: Outer reef flats where currents or wave action is strong.

Abundance: Sometimes common.

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