831 species

Acropora valida

(Dana, 1846)


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies have a wide range of forms from compact bushes to tables. They seldom exceed 0.5 metres across. Axial corallites are small. Radial corallites are usually a mixture of sizes and are strongly appressed and swollen, with small openings.

Colour: Cream, brown or yellow, sometimes brown with purple branch tips and cream radial corallites, a colour commonly shared by A. secale and A. nana.

Similar Species: Acropora nana and A. variabilis. Acropora cerealis and A. nasuta are similar but the strongly appressed radial corallites of A. valida are distinctive.

Habitat: A wide range of reef environments and rocky foreshores.

Abundance: Sometimes common.

Taxonomic Note: A species complex.

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