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Acropora azurea

Veron and Wallace, 1984


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are irregular clumps of straight fine tapered branches arising from a solid base. Radial corallites are appressed, with small nariform rounded openings.

Colour: Uniform sky-blue (which may photograph pink), cream or brown.

Similar Species: Acropora nana which has tubular appressed radial corallites with larger, not nariform openings.

Habitat: Upper reef slopes exposed to strong wave action.

Abundance: Usually uncommon.

Taxonomic Note: Wallace (1999) and Wallace, Done and Muir (2012) considered this species to be a junior synonym of Acropora nana. However, characteristic differences in corallite shape between these species allow them to be reliably separated in the field and in collections.

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