831 species

Turbinaria peltata

(Esper, 1792)


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are flat laminae often forming overlapping tiers. They are sometimes columnar. They may be several metres across. Corallites are immersed to tubular and average 6 millimetres diameter. Polyps are large and tentacles are usually extended during the day.

Colour: Usually grey or brown.

Similar Species: Turbinaria patula. Corallites are similar to Duncanopsammia but septa do not follow Pourtalès plan.

Habitat: Protected environments, especially shallow rocky foreshores with turbid water. Also occurs on shallow reef slopes.

Abundance: Common and may be a dominant species.

Taxonomic Note: Arrigoni, Kitano, Stolarski et al. (2014) proposed that this species should be moved to Duncanopsammia, based on apparently close genetic similarity with Duncanopsammia axifuga. However, the clear differentiation in septal pattern between these two species precludes this.

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