831 species

Psammocora nierstraszi

van der Horst, 1921


Dana, 1846

Characters: Colonies are massive or encrusting and are primarily characterised by highly meandering valleys, often with steep walls. Corallites are distributed largely independently of the valleys. Petaloid primary septa are exsert giving the colony surface a rough appearance.

Colour: Grey, brown or cream.

Similar Species: Psammocora profundacella, which also has valleys but corallites are aligned along the valley floors and petaloid septa are not exsert. See also P. superficialis.

Habitat: Restricted to reef habitats exposed to strong wave action.

Abundance: Rare.

Taxonomic Note: Benzoni, Arrigoni, Stefani et al. (2012) synonymised P. vaughani and P. verrilli with this species. This synonymy is unresolved.

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