831 species

Psammocora profundacella

Gardiner, 1898


Dana, 1846

Characters: Colonies are submassive or encrusting. Corallites are in short valleys. Walls are rounded although they may have a central ridge. Petaloid septo-costae are usually short, sometimes inconspicuous or absent.

Colour: Uniform grey, brown, tan or cream, usually with dark corallite centres.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Taxonomic Note: Benzoni, Stefani, Pichon et al. (2010) synonymised P. superficialis, P. haimeana sensu Klunzinger (1879b) (including P. haimeana sensu Veron, 2000a) and P. samoensis with this species. The synonymy of P. superficialis remains uncertain.

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