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Poritipora paliformis

Veron, 2000


Veron, 2000

Characters: Colonies are massive, usually hemispherical, and may be several metres across. The surface is smooth to undulating. Corallites are deeply excavated. There are two cycles of 12 septa each, 6 pali and no columella. Walls are thin.

Colour: Dull brown.

Similar Species: Resembles Porites densa, which has slightly smaller corallites, but this species is easily recognised underwater. See also Stylocoeniella armata.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments and lagoons.

Abundance: Rare.

Taxonomic Note: The type species of Poritipora Veron, 2000. A very distinct species. Placed in Goniopora by Kitano, Benzoni, Arrigoni et al. (2014) on molecular criteria. However, the main morphological characters of the corallites (that they are deeply excavated, have two cycles of 12 septa each and no columella) do not support this conclusion. Likewise, Calathiscus tantillus is also distinct from Goniopora, molecular studies notwithstanding. Easily mistaken for Porites in situ.

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