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Turbinaria radicalis

Bernard, 1896


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are encrusting laminae which have rootlets growing down into the substrate. The surface is smooth. Corallites may be aligned in irregular rows and are low cones or immersed.

Colour: Pale to dark brown or green with pale corallites.

Similar Species: No other Turbinaria has rootlets, otherwise T. radicalis is closest to T. stellulata, which does not have such a smooth surface.

Habitat: Rocky foreshores of subtropical locations.

Abundance: Rare except in some subtropical localities.

Taxonomic Note: May be difficult to separate from other encrusting Turbinaria in collections.

Taxonomic References: Veron and Pichon (1980); Veron (2000a);

Identification Guides: Veron (1986a);

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