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Stylophora mamillata

Scheer and Pillai, 1983


Schweigger, 1819

Characters: Colonies are small (less than 0.1 metre across) and encrusting. The surface has small (approximately 8 mm diameter) mounds which do not develop into branches. Corallites have well developed hoods facing different directions. They have style-like columellae and septa in two unequal cycles.

Colour: Usually cream or pinkish.

Similar Species: None; this is the only encrusting Stylophora.

Habitat: Found only on vertical surfaces of mid- to lower reef slopes.

Abundance: Uncommon but distinctive.

Taxonomic References: Scheer and Pillai (1983); Veron (2000a);

Identification Guides: Sheppard and Sheppard (1991);

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