831 species

Siderastrea siderea

(Ellis and Solander, 1786)


de Blainville, 1830

Characters: Colonies are encrusting to massive and are usually over one metre across. Corallites are 3-4.5 millimetres diameter, with numerous septa tightly compacted giving a smooth surface. Septa are uniformly separated and reduce in number from the wall to the columella without forming many fan-like fusions.

Colour: Usually light reddish-brown.

Similar Species: Corallites are larger than any other Siderastrea.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments.

Abundance: Common.

Taxonomic Note: Siderastrea glynni described from the Pacific side of the Panama canal is probably this species introduced from the Caribbean.

Taxonomic References: Roos (1971); Cairns (1982); Veron (2000a);

Identification Guides: Humann (2002);

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