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Scapophyllia cylindrica

Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848


Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848

Characters: Colonies have thick laminar bases and blunt-ended columns which occasionally branch. Valleys are meandroid and sinuous. Septa are thick and fuse irregularly with each other and with the columellae. Columellae are composed of a few thick septal teeth. Tentacles are usually extended only at night and are long, tapering, and of uniform length.

Colour: Usually cream or yellow-brown.

Similar Species: Laminar Scapophyllia resemble Merulina but the latter have spreading, not parallel, valleys. See also Leptoria irregularis and Dendrogyra cylindrus.

Habitat: Usually found in partly turbid water such as around fringing reefs and in lagoons.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Taxonomic Note: Type species of Scapophyllia Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848.

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