831 species

Psammocora explanulata

van der Horst, 1922


Dana, 1846

Characters: Colonies are thin plates or encrusting with a flat surface. Corallites are large for Psammocora, are regularly distributed and have distinctive exsert primary septo-costae which may be petaloid or meandering.

Colour: Pale or dark brown or green, frequently mottled.

Similar Species: Resembles Coscinaraea wellsi more than other Psammocora.

Habitat: Protected reef environments especially in high latitudes.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Taxonomic Note: Placed in genus Cycloseris by Benzoni, Arrigoni, Stefani et al. (2012) based mainly on genetic evidence. It is retained here as a Psammocora because it does not match the distinctive genus-level characters of Cycloseris, which represent predominantly solitary, unattached mushroom corals. It may warrant a separate generic designation, along with Coscinaraea wellsi, see 'Overview of coral taxonomy'.

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