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Porites tuberculosa

Veron, 2000


Link, 1807

Characters: Colonies are sturdy fused branches, sometimes with basal plates. Branches usually have squared-off tips. Corallites are moderately excavated and connected by ridges of coenosteum.

Colour: Grey or green.

Similar Species: Porites attenuata, which has larger corallites that are not connected by ridges of coenosteum. See also P. napopora, which has thinner branches. This species can readily be mistaken for a Montipora underwater.

Habitat: Shallow protected reef environments.

Abundance: Sometimes common in Indonesia.

Taxonomic Note: Porites tuberculosa Veron, 2000 is a valid species in a pre-occupied name (see Porites tuberculosa Lamarck, 1816, the original genus of Montipora tuberculosa). As there is likely to be no confusion with Montipora tuberculosa this name is retained.

Taxonomic References: Veron (2000a); Veron (2002a);

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