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Porites compressa

Dana, 1846


Link, 1807

Characters: Colonies may form large patches of reefs. Branches are cylindrical and commonly fuse. Growth-forms and corallite characters are extremely variable so much so that single reef patches are composites of distinct races.

Colour: Mostly dull greys and browns.

Similar Species: Porites cylindrica and P. harrisoni, which have a similar appearance underwater. Sometimes recorded from the western Indian Ocean, however these records are likely to be P. harrisoni.

Habitat: Shallow protected reef and lagoon environments.

Abundance: The dominant coral in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

Taxonomic Note: Records in the western Indian Ocean are incorrect. Very polymorphic in Hawaii.

Taxonomic References: Vaughan (1907a); Veron (2000a);

Identification Guides: Maragos (1977); Fenner (2005);

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