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Pocillopora brevicornis

Lamarck, 1816


Lamarck, 1816

Characters: Colonies are composed of short thick crowded ranches becoming globular in shape. Corallites are crowded with irregular outlines. Septa and columellae are poorly developed. The coenosteum is reduced to thing ridges covered with spinnules.

Colour: Pale yellow.

Similar Species: Pocillopora damicornis from exposed habitats is only distinguished by being less compact with less globular branches.

Habitat: Upper reef slopes.

Abundance: Unknown.

Taxonomic Note: The validity of the name has yet to be confirmed.

COTW History since Veron (2000a)
  • Family: All families are currently under review
  • Genus/species: Newly accepted species. New fieldwork and skeletal samples have led to the distinction of this taxon from similar species