831 species

Orbicella annularis

(Ellis and Solander, 1786)


Dana, 1846

Characters: Colonies are massive, forming lobed to columnar colonies. Corallites are flattened, of similar size, 2-3mm diameter, formed by extratentacular budding. Septa are in two unequal orders, first order septa forming a small columella. Walls are composed of thickened septa. Costae are conspicuous and regularly dentated.

Colour: Brown or yellowish.

Similar Species: Orbicella franksi has an irregular surface, is more calcified and has more prominent costae. Orbicella faveolata is less calcified, with more uniform corallites with thin costae.

Habitat: Most reef environments.

Abundance: Common, frequently a dominant species of lagoons and upper reef slopes.

Taxonomic Note: Formerly in genus Montastraea.

COTW History since Veron (2000a)
  • Family: All families are currently under review
  • Genus/species: Changed genus designation from Montastrea/Montastraea annularis