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Moseleya latistellata

Quelch, 1884


Quelch, 1884

Characters: Colonies are flat, submassive, usually disc-like, and sometimes free-living. Corallites are cerioid with a large central corallite (up to 35 mm diameter) surrounded concentrically with angular daughter corallites. Septa have fine teeth and usually exsert paliform lobes. Tentacles are extended only on dark nights.

Colour: Pale to deep green or brown.

Similar Species: May resemble Acanthastrea (especially A. bowerbanki), which can have the same colony and corallite shapes. Acanthastrea have more fleshy polyps, much larger septal teeth and never have large paliform lobes. See also Goniastrea palauensis.

Habitat: Restricted to turbid water with muddy substrates. Also occurs in muddy areas exposed at low tide.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Taxonomic Note: The type species of Moseleya Quelch, 1884. A very distinct species.

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