831 species

Montipora foliosa

(Pallas, 1766)


Quoy and Gaimard, 1830

Characters: Colonies are composed of thin unifacial laminae sometimes forming tiers or whorls. Corallites are arranged in rows between coenosteum ridges, which are conspicuous and usually perpendicular to colony margins.

Colour: Usually cream, pink or brown with pale margins.

Similar Species: Montipora aequituberculata, which is primarily distinguished by its lack of coenosteum ridges. Montipora delicatula has thinner plates, less regular coenosteum ridges and smaller corallites. These species may be hard to distinguish unless they occur together. See also M. cebuensis, M. friabilis and M. mactanensis.

Habitat: Mostly protected upper reef slopes.

Abundance: Common.

Taxonomic Note: A species complex.

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