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Merulina scheeri

Head, 1983


Ehrenberg, 1834

Characters: Colonies are thick plates up to 300 millimetres across, which usually slope downwards, parallel to steeply sloping substrates. Small upgrowths sometimes occur but are seldom the dominant growth-form. Corallites are mostly monocentric or form short radiating valleys towards the colony margins. Walls are low, broad and evenly rounded.

Colour: Orange- to greenish-brown.

Similar Species: Superficially resembles Goniastrea pectinata more than other Merulina.

Habitat: Crevices usually below 10 metres depth, silted slopes and lagoons.

Abundance: Common, but less conspicuous than other Merulina.

Taxonomic Note: The generic designation is doubtful as there are substantial differences between this species and other Merulina.

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