831 species

Meandrina danae

(Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848)


Lamarck, 1801

Characters: Colonies are free-living or have a basal attachment and consist of a single short valley. Septa are solid, in two unequal orders, have smooth sides and edges except for some lobed dentation near the columella, which is solid and conspicuous. The wall is thin and solid.

Colour: Greenish-yellow.

Similar Species: Meandrina brasiliensis may have an identical growth form and septal structures but is more robust.

Habitat: Reef habitats.

Abundance: Common.

Taxonomic Note: Not clearly differentiated from Meandrina brasiliensis as these species do not occur together.

Taxonomic References: Pinzón and Weil (2011);

COTW History since Veron (2000a)
  • Family: All families are currently under review
  • Genus/species: Newly accepted species. New fieldwork and skeletal samples have led to the distinction of this taxon from similar species