831 species

Leptoseris yabei

(Pillai and Scheer, 1976)


Milne Edwards and Haime, 1849

Characters: Colonies are laminar, in whorls or tiers or vase-shaped. They are commonly over one metre across. Corallites are enclosed in rectangular pockets formed between radiating ridges and low walls which are parallel to frond margins. Septo-costae are moderately exsert and alternate.

Colour: Usually pale brown or yellowish, sometimes with white margins.

Similar Species: Leptoseris yabei is closest to L. mycetoseroides but is readily distinguished from all other species by having corallites in rectangular pockets.

Habitat: Usually found on flat substrates.

Abundance: Uncommon but conspicuous.

Taxonomic Note: Possibly warrants a separate generic designation.

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