831 species

Leptoseris cucullata

(Ellis and Solander, 1786)


Milne Edwards and Haime, 1849

Characters: Colonies are flat plates which may be encrusting or tiered. Corallites are closely compacted, large, outwardly inclined, with a tendency to form concentric rows. Septo-costae strongly alternate.

Colour: Brown, sometimes with pale margins and/or pale corallite centres.

Similar Species: Leptoseris mycetoseroides, which also forms flat plates and has corallites aligned parallel to plate margins. See also plate-like Agaricia.

Habitat: Shallow or deep reef environments.

Abundance: Sometimes common.

Taxonomic References: Dinesen (1980); Zlatarski and Estalella (1982); Veron (2000a);

Identification Guides: Humann (2002);

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