831 species

Leptoria phrygia

(Ellis and Solander, 1786)


Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848

Characters: Colonies are massive, submassive or ridged, occasionally columnar, with an even surface and dense skeleton. Corallite valleys are sinuous and uniform. Septa are uniformly spaced and are of equal size. Columellae are plate-like with a lobed upper margin and do not form centres.

Colour: Cream, brown or green, with walls and valleys of contrasting colours.

Similar Species: Leptoria irregularis, which has larger valleys which are straight at the colony margins, is distinctively coloured and has columellae which are not plate-like.

Habitat: Occurs in most reef environments except where the water is turbid.

Abundance: Common, especially on upper reef slopes.

Taxonomic Note: The type species of Leptoria Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848.

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