831 species

Isophyllia rigida

(Dana, 1846)


Milne Edwards and Haime, 1851

Characters: Colonies are massive and cerioid or have several centres in a short series. Columellae are rudimentary. Septa are thin, with pointed fine teeth.

Colour: Usually mottled grey-green with valleys and walls of contrasting colours.

Similar Species: Isophyllia sinuosa.

Habitat: Most reef environments, but especially surge channels.

Abundance: Usually uncommon.

Taxonomic References: Matthai (1928) as Isophyllastrea rigida; Cairns (1982) as Isophyllastrea rigida; Fenner (1993) as Isophyllastrea rigida; Veron (2000a);

Identification Guides: Humann (2002) as Isophyllastrea rigida;

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