831 species

Heliofungia actiniformis

(Quoy and Gaimard, 1833)


Wells, 1966

Characters: Polyps are solitary, free-living (except for juveniles) and flat, with a central mouth. Septa have large lobed teeth. Polyps are among the largest of all corals. Tentacles are extended day and night and are long, similar to those of giant anemones. There is one mouth up to 30 millimetres wide.

Colour: Pale or dark blue-green or grey tentacles with white or pink tips. The oral disc is striped.

Similar Species: Heliofungia skeletons are similar to those of Fungia although the lobed teeth are distinctive. Fungia polyps have short tapering tentacles. Heliofungia tentacles resemble those of Euphyllia glabrescens but are larger.

Habitat: Usually found on flat soft or rubble substrates especially in reef lagoons or shallow turbid environments.

Abundance: Common.

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