831 species

Fungia scabra

Döderlein, 1901


Lamarck, 1801

Characters: Polyps are usually circular, flat or arched. Septa are thin with very fine conical or granular teeth. Small tentacular lobes may be present. Costae are fine. There are no pits between the costae. Septa may form irregular patterns in turbid environments.

Colour: Usually brown.

Similar Species: Fungia concinna, which is thinner and has thicker septa with coarser septal and costal ornamentations.

Habitat: Reef slopes and lagoons.

Abundance: Rare.

Taxonomic Note: Called Lithophyllon scabra by Gittenberger, Reijnen and Hoeksema (2011) from molecular data. However, Lithophyllon is colonial with distinctive generic-level characters.

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