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Fungia danai

Milne Edwards and Haime, 1851


Lamarck, 1801

Characters: Polyps are circular, up to 300 millimetres diameter, not heavily calcified, with a strong central arch. Septa are straight and have very large teeth and a prominent tentacular lobe. Costae are compact, with large branching spines of different sizes on different orders. The undersurface has pits between the costae but few deep perforations.

Colour: Usually brown, sometimes mottled, with pale septal margins and tentacular lobes.

Similar Species: Fungia horrida, which does not have prominent tentacular lobes and has pits or perforations on the undersurface. Fungia corona does not have a strong central arch and has a thinner, more irregular polyp disc, with many perforations.

Habitat: Reef slopes and lagoons.

Abundance: Common.

Taxonomic Note: There has been considerable nomenclatural confusion surrounding the spelling of the name of this species, and various such nominal species have been synonymized with Fungia horrida and F. scruposa (see Hoeksema, 1989a for details). We retain Fungia danai herein, recognizing consistent characteristic differences between it and its closest congeners.

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