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Erythrastrea flabellata

Pichon, Scheer and Pillai, 1983


Pichon, Scheer and Pillai, 1983

Characters: Colonies are hemispherical, up to one metre across, and are flabello-meandroid. Valleys are 8-11 millimetres wide and have thin walls, only the upper part of which are living. Septa protrude up to 5 millimetres and are equal, with coarse teeth. Columella centres are irregularly spaced and distinct. Costae are fine.

Colour: Pale cream or green.

Similar Species: Caulastrea tumida which has smaller fleshy polyps and forms smaller colonies which are not flabello-meandroid. Superficially resembles Lobophyllia.

Habitat: Reef slopes protected from wave action.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Taxonomic Note: Type species of Erythrastrea Pichon, Scheer and Pillai, 1983, in Scheer and Pillai (1983). A distinct species.

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