831 species

Echinopora fruticulosa

(Ehrenberg, 1834)


Lamarck, 1816

Characters: Colonies are dome-shaped clumps of interlocking branches up to 2 metres across. Branches are formed of single tubular corallites (or axial corallites) with lateral buds. Corallites are 5-8 millimetres diameter. Costal spines are widely spaced and not exsert. There is little tendency to form laminae or solid bases.

Colour: Pinkish-brown with pale corallite ends.

Similar Species: Corallites are similar to those of Echinopora gemmacea. The growth-form is more like that of E. horrida, which has corallites with exsert costal and coenosteum spines.

Habitat: Most shallow reef environments.

Abundance: Common.

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