831 species

Echinophyllia tarae

Benzoni, 2013


Klunzinger, 1879

Characters: The coral is flat, encrusting. It usually consists of a single large corallite but may also have smaller peripheral corallites. Corallites have very exsert primary septa with coarse dentations. The columella is compact and spongy and a paliform crown distinctive.

Colour: Green, brown or mottled usually with distinctively coloured corallites.

Similar Species: Similar to Echinomorpha nishihirai which has less protuberant septa and septa are more numerous, finer and with smaller dentations without a distinctive paliform crown. See also Echinophyllia aspera.

Habitat: Sheltered reef environments.

Abundance: Rare.

Taxonomic References: Benzoni (2013);

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  • Genus/species: New species. Described in 2013