831 species

Blastomussa wellsi

Wijsman-Best, 1973


Wells, 1968

Characters: Colonies are phaceloid, rarely subplocoid. Corallites are 9-14 millimetres diameter. Septa are not arranged in cycles and are numerous. They have small blunt teeth. Mantles, but not tentacles, are extended during the day and may form a continuous surface obscuring the underlying growth-form.

Colour: Mantles are usually dark grey, but may be red or green. Oral discs are usually green but may be red or dark grey.

Similar Species: Blastomussa vivida which has larger corallites with more septa. See also Nemenzophyllia turbida and Phymastrea multipunctata, both of which have fleshy mantles.

Habitat: Lower reef slopes protected from wave action, and turbid environments.

Abundance: Uncommon, rare in the Red Sea.

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