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Blastomussa loyae

Head, 1978


Wells, 1968

Characters: Colonies are encrusting, sub-cerioid to plocoid. Corallites are 5-8 millimetres diameter. Septa are mostly in two orders of which only the first reaches the columella. Septa have slightly serrated margins. Primary septa may be exsert. Columellae are poorly developed. Mantles, but not tentacles, are extended during the day and may form a continuous surface obscuring the underlying growth-form.

Colour: Pale brown or cream.

Similar Species: Blastomussa merleti which is plocoid.

Habitat: Lower reef slopes.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Taxonomic Note: This species was considered to be a ecomorph of Blastomussa merleti by Veron (2000a). However, these species were found to occur together by Kleemann and Baal (2011). It has been re-studied by Benzoni, Arrigoni, Waheed et al. (2014) and found to be valid.

COTW History since Veron (2000a)
  • Family: All families are currently under review
  • Genus/species: Newly accepted species. New fieldwork, skeletal samples, and molecular analyses have led to the distinction of this taxon from similar species