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Anomastraea irregularis

von Marenzeller, 1901


von Marenzeller, 1901

Characters: Colonies are flat or submassive, often with a conical shape. Corallites are submeandroid to cerioid. Walls are thin and septa have irregularly fused margins. Septa are widely spaced and uniform, giving the colony surface a neat appearance. Tentacles are usually at least partly extended during the day.

Colour: Bluish-grey or cream. Polyps are dark brown.

Similar Species: The agariciid Coeloseris mayeri.

Habitat: Turbid environments at the base of reefs and in intertidal pools.

Abundance: Common in south-east Africa, uncommon elsewhere.

Taxonomic Note: The type species of Anomastrea von Marenzeller, 1901. A taxonomically isolated species with no clear affinities.

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