831 species

Acropora plantaginea

(Lamarck, 1816)


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are small and caespitose or corymbose, forming compact bushes. Axial corallites are dome-shaped and short but conspicuous. Radial corallites are thick walled, short and mostly appressed but sometimes becoming elongate tubes on the sides of branches.

Colour: Yellow-brown, blue and pink.

Similar Species: Acropora squarrosa. See also A. secale, which has thicker branches and is more robust.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments.

Abundance: Common.

Taxonomic Note: A moderately cryptic species. Brook's (1893) lectotype was considered similar to Acropora samoensis by Wallace (1999). According to Brook (1893), the five Lamarck specimens represent at least three species. Brook's designated lectotype fits Lamarck's original description. This differs markedly from A. samoensis on the characters of radial corallites alone.

Taxonomic References: Veron (2000a);

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