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Acropora parapharaonis

Veron, 2000


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are large horizontal corymbose plates, usually with well defined margins. Branches are closely compact and have short branchlets which are vertical at the colony centre and prostrate at the colony margins. Branchlets have indistinct multiple axial corallites. Radial corallites are appressed and compact, with rounded lips.

Colour: Grey-brown or pinkish-brown.

Similar Species: Acropora pharaonis, which has larger, more open branches and spiky radial corallites. See also A. desalwii.

Habitat: Upper reef slopes.

Abundance: Common.

Taxonomic Note: A cryptic species. Considered a junior synonym of Acropora valida by Wallace, Done and Muir (2012) who noted that the type falls within the range of variability of the specimens at MTQ. However, A. parapharaonis forms large stalked tables unlike A. valida which is typically corymbose or caespitose.

Taxonomic References: Veron (2000a); Veron (2002a);

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