831 species

Acropora monticulosa

(Br├╝ggemann, 1879)


Oken, 1815

Characters: May form dome-shaped colonies over 3 metres across, composed of isolated subcolonies which are shaped like upturned hands. Colonies (or subcolonies) are digitate, with thick branches tapering to a small axial corallite. Colonies exposed to strong wave action have pyramid-shaped branchlets. Radial corallites are uniform in size and usually arranged in rows.

Colour: Blue (which may photograph purple) or cream, usually with pale branch tips of contrasting colours.

Similar Species: Acropora humilis, A. globiceps, A. retusa and A. gemmifera.

Habitat: Upper reef slopes.

Abundance: Sometimes common in eastern Australia, usually uncommon elsewhere.

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