831 species

Acropora loripes

(Brook, 1892)


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies have many shapes varying from upright bushes to thick plates. There is a continuous range of shape and size between axial and radial corallites; both may be tubular to nearly spherical, with very thick walls. Tubular axial corallites often have no radial corallites on one side and pocket-like radial corallites on the other. All corallites are smooth and rounded.

Colour: Usually pale blue (which may photograph pink) or brown. Axial corallites are usually whitish.

Similar Species: Acropora rosaria and A. appressa. Acropora caroliniana and A. granulosa have more elongate axial corallites. See also A. maryae.

Habitat: Upper reef slopes but occurs in a wide range of environments.

Abundance: Common in the central Indo-Pacific.

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