831 species

Acropora grandis

(Brook, 1892)


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are arborescent, with thick upright to prostrate branches. They may form stands 7 metres across. In shallow water branches are short and compact, while in deeper water colonies have more open branches. Radial corallites are of mixed sizes and shapes; those near branch tips are long and tubular and similar to axial corallites. Branch tips are very soft and readily crushed.

Colour: Usually dark reddish-brown with pale branch tips. Other colours include blue, purple and green, usually with paler branch tips.

Similar Species: Acropora muricata, which has similar but smaller corallites, does not have elongate radial corallites near branch tips and does not have branch tips that are as readily crushed. A. intermedia is smaller and has rasp-like, not tubular, radial corallites.

Habitat: A wide variety of environments, especially upper reef slopes and lagoons.

Abundance: Common.

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