831 species

Acropora donei

Veron and Wallace, 1984


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are table-like, up to 2 metres across, and consist of masses of fused horizontal branches. Peripheral branches are mostly horizontal; those towards the colony centre have upturned ends. All branches have blunt ends and are neatly arranged. Radial corallites are usually in two sizes, the larger of which has flaring lips. The coenosteum is coarse, giving a rough appearance to branches.

Colour: Green, white, cream, rarely pale brown.

Similar Species: Acropora yongei, has similar corallites but does not have fused basal branches or upturned branchlets.

Habitat: Restricted to shallow fringing reefs and upper reef slopes where Acropora diversity is high.

Abundance: Uncommon but distinctive.

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