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Coelastrea tenuis Verrill, 1866


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Platygyra verweyi Wijsman-Best, 1976

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Authority reference(s):

Verrill, A.E. (1866a). Synopsis of the polyps and corals of the North Pacific Exploring Expedition, 1853-1856, with descriptions of some additional species from the West Coast of North America. III Madreporaria. Communications of the Essex Institute 5:17-50. pl. 1-2. (For species details see p. 33)

Taxonomic note: Original genus of Platygyra tenuis

Target taxon name information

Authority reference(s):

Wijsman-Best, M. (1976). Biological results of the Snellius expedition : XXVII. Faviidae collected by the Snellius expedition. II. The genera Favites, Goniastrea, Platygyra, Oulophyllia, Leptoria, Hydnophora and Caulastrea. Zoologische Mededelingen Leiden 48(4):45-63. (For species details see pp. 55-56 and Plate 6, Fig. 4)

Taxonomic note: A species complex