831 species

Oxypora glabra

Nemenzo, 1959


Saville-Kent, 1871

Characters: Colonies are thin, encrusting or convoluted laminar plates, commonly with ragged margins. A small central corallite may be distinguishable. Peripheral corallites are usually widely spaced. Costae have few if any teeth. Septa and columellae are twisted into a short spiral.

Colour: Yellow-brown, usually with pale tops to septa and costae.

Similar Species: Oxypora lacera, which does not have toothless costae or twisted columellae. See also O. crassispinosa, which has large radiating costal ridges and Mycedium mancaoi, which has outwardly inclined corallites.

Habitat: Shallow protected reef slopes.

Abundance: Common in the central Indo-Pacific, uncommon elsewhere.

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