831 species

Acropora rudis

(Rehberg, 1892)


Oken, 1815

Characters: Colonies are composed of large, tapered, prostrate branches. Axial corallites are dome-shaped with small openings. Radial corallites occur only on the upper surfaces of branches; lower surfaces are smooth. They are of mixed sizes, the smallest are immersed, the largest are bead-like, up to 4 millimetres diameter. All corallites have small openings. The coenosteum is smooth and dense, composed of fine spinules without elaborated tips.

Colour: Uniform dark tan with pale branch tips.

Similar Species: Acropora  hemprichii and A. variolosa which have smaller branches with corallites on all sides.

Habitat: Shallow to deep rocky foreshores.

Abundance: Uncommon but conspicuous.

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